Endocam Logic HD

Endocam Logic HD

ENDOCAM® Logic HD is the logical advanced development of existing camera systems from Richard Wolf. Sophisticated development processes and the exceptional expertise within the company have created a product that leaves nothing to be desired. ENDOCAM® Logic HD develops its full power within a complete, innovative and integrated system that holds a leading position in the market for endoscopic cameras. more info...

New ENDOCAM® Performance HD

Neue ENDOCAM® Performance HD mit LED Lichtquelle
New ENDOCAM® Performance HD with LED light source

The powerful but incredibly user-friendly ENDOCAM® Performance HD opens up fantastic possibilities to capture highly detailed images.

An interesting instrument combination consisting of a single-chip HD camera and new LED light sources in Richard Wolf’s new design has reached market maturity. The ENDOCAM® Performance HD has now replaced the proven ENDOCAM® 5512 in the lower price segment.



All-in-one endoscopy unit for display and professional digital documentation.

  • Perfect for every endoscopic workplace where space is at a premium.
  • In the office, in the outpatient department or as a fully functional mobile system.
  • Storage of the image data on USB stick for transfer to a PC. The images in standard formats .BMP or .JPEG can be archived, inserted in OR reports or used for presentations.
  • Excellent picture quality by connecting the tried-and-tested camera head of the ENDOCAM 5512.
  • High light intensity lamp module with 50 W metal halide bulb.
  • Remote function on camera head for picture storage and additional control, for example of a video printer or DVD recorder



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