Endocam Logic HD

Endocam Logic HD

ENDOCAM® Logic HD is the logical advanced development of existing camera systems from Richard Wolf. Sophisticated development processes and the exceptional expertise within the company have created a product that leaves nothing to be desired. ENDOCAM® Logic HD develops its full power within a complete, innovative and integrated system that holds a leading position in the market for endoscopic cameras. more info...

New ENDOCAM® Performance HD

Neue ENDOCAM® Performance HD mit LED Lichtquelle
New ENDOCAM® Performance HD with LED light source

The powerful but incredibly user-friendly ENDOCAM® Performance HD opens up fantastic possibilities to capture highly detailed images.

An interesting instrument combination consisting of a single-chip HD camera and new LED light sources in Richard Wolf’s new design has reached market maturity. The ENDOCAM® Performance HD has now replaced the proven ENDOCAM® 5512 in the lower price segment.


Brochure ENDOCAM® Performance HD

HDTV Camera 5550 in 16:9 Format

HDTV Endo-Kamera 5550 im 16:9 Format
HDTV Endo-Kamera 5550 im 16:9 Format

Highest picture quality for your OR! 
Richard Wolf is the  only manufacture who offers both High-Definition Formats for endscopic use. HDTV und Medical HD.

HDTV ENDOCAM 5550 provides the highest possible resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels that can be displayed with full fidelity on suitable widescreen LCD monitors in 16:9 format. Richard Wolf demands the highest performance from all the components in the endoscopic image chain to achieve unbeatably
sharp crisp detail and colour brilliance. This applies equally to the HD endoscopes, the HDTV camera head, the digital control unit and the LCD monitor.



HDTV camera 5550 with 16:9 Format -PDF Download

High Definition Endocam 5509 in HD-Medical Format

HD Endo-Kamera 5509 in HD-Medical Format
HD Endo-Kamera 5509 in HD-Medical Format

With the Medical HD Endocam 5509, you simply have more to look at.

With a width-to-height ratio of 5:4, Medical HD is the optimum format for endoscopy. The Medical HD platform provides the surgeon with 8 % more quality information from the round endoscopic image. High-definition imaging with 1280 x 1024 pixels stands for best picture quality. The Medical HD system produces superior, true-detail pictures for safe and fast endoscopic interventions. At the same time, the concept remains highly flexible since both 1-chip camera heads and 3-chip camera heads can be connected.

By networking the endoscopic HD camera in Richard Wolf RIWO-NET and then using touch screens and voice control, you have all the advantages that central control brings.

With the Medical HD Endocam 5509 system, you simply have more of everything: more to see, more information to work with and more detail in your picture.


All-in-one Endocam with light source, LCD-Monitor and USB-storage
All-in-one Endocam with light source, LCD-Monitor and USB-storage

All-in-one endoscopy unit for display and professional digital documentation.

  • Perfect for every endoscopic workplace where space is at a premium.
  • In the office, in the outpatient department or as a fully functional mobile system.
  • Storage of the image data on USB stick for transfer to a PC. The images in standard formats .BMP or .JPEG can be archived, inserted in OR reports or used for presentations.
  • Excellent picture quality by connecting the tried-and-tested camera head of the ENDOCAM 5512.
  • High light intensity lamp module with 50 W metal halide bulb.
  • Remote function on camera head for picture storage and additional control, for example of a video printer or DVD recorder



COMB-E-VIEW 5552 PDF brochure