Morcellators for gynecology

The use of electronic morcellators in gynecological laparoscopy has been established for a long time. New trends in the treatment concept for intramural myoma and most importantly the introduction of laparoscopic, supracervical hysterectomy require advanced development of new systems geared toward further simplifying the application of not unhazardous morcellators and making them safer to use. Rapid dissemination of these methods results in an increased demand worldwide.

We are meeting the challenge of this global trend with our new product “MORCE POWER PLUS”.

Morcellator Morce Power Plus 2307
Morcellator Morce Power Plus 2307

Morce Power Plus 2307

The new generation of electronic morcellators 2307

With the new development of the Morce Power Plus morcellation system, Richard Wolf has created the ideal conditions for simple, fast and safe morcellation of even large amounts of tissue.


Morcellator Morce Power Plus 2307 PDF brochure

Myomectomy with the Morce Power Plus