Pediatrics in ENT, General Surgery and Urology

The trend toward minimally invasive procedures that are gentle on patients – particularly in the case of children – has led to the creation of an instrument set with minimized diameter for interventions in today’s world. Minimally-invasive interventions are now carried out in a number of areas including diagnosis in situations where symptoms in the abdominal cavity are unclear, and in operations to remove the appendix, single-channel varicocele dissection and expansion of the pylorus (pyloromyotomy).

Richard Wolf also offers a range of instruments for tonsillectomy, adenotomy, laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy which have been specially adapted to the anatomical characteristics of children and adolescents.

Disease of the kidneys, the ureter, the bladder and the urethra are the most frequent interventions in children. Individual instrument systems matched to the appropriate age groups guarantee gentle therapy from infants to adolescents.

Instrument sets perfectly tailored to application with the individual patients have been developed in cooperation with leading international medical specialists.