The trend toward less invasive procedures that are gentle on patients is leading to an increasing demand for instruments with minimized diameter. Minilaparoscopy offers the cosmetic advantages of the NOTES or single port technique without the associated disadvantages and risks arising from complex operating procedures and long learning curves. It is an interdisciplinary procedure which can be used in laparoscopic surgery, gynecology and urology.

Access ports with an external diameter of only 3.5 mm and the deployment of appropriate instruments only leave behind very small scars that are hardly visible. Furthermore, this approach keeps the trauma of the operation to a minimum so that the length of a patient’s stay in hospital can be significantly reduced. Patients are also believed to experience less pain. This procedure allows surgeons to retain their usual surgical technique and simply carry out interventions with instruments that have a smaller diameter.

A new generation of three-part modular 3.5 mm instruments was developed based on the successful ERAGONmodular concept. These instruments are also compliant with very stringent hygienic standards. These instruments are used in adult and pediatric surgery. 

The minilaparoscopy, a clever and contemporary surgical procedure is today a standard method in the cholecystectomy and appendectomy.